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Located in Manchester, Maryland, KL Lemmon Cattle Company, is owned and operated by Kyle Lemmon and wife Nicole Lemmon. Kyle grew up showing and raising Hereford cattle and their long history of foundation females originated from a long line of lasting genetics. Nicole’s family grew up raising and showing angus cattle which only added to the high end genetics of our herd. We believe the beef industry has incredible value and we are fortunate enough to provide high quality cattle and service to our customers. Our family is committed to offering a Hereford production-oriented sale every spring including Fall born females bred heifers and frozen genetics. In the Fall, cattle will be for sale private treaty which includes purebred Hereford, Angus and club calves.

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2021 Holiday Turkey Orders

Looking to order your KL Lemmon & Son Farm Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Please Call 410-374-3133.


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